Monday, November 12, 2012

Is science fiction a dead genre, or is it merely un-dead?

As a science fiction fan, I follow several sites that post about eBooks. Of late, I see many new titles about werewolves, vampires and zombies. Such creatures are fine when they keep to their proper genre, but when they masquerade as science fiction I get irritated.

I like the end of the world as well as anyone, but does it always have to be the same zombie stuffed, vampire ridden post-apocalyptic world? Why can’t you authors write stories like those in Jack Vance’s “Dying Earth”? Vance mixes crumbling technology and magic without resorting to un-dead or dog-eared characters. Why can’t you guys?

Occasionally one of you gets a vampire right, but werewolves? Come on. And, zombies—plah-eze—they are so implausible. I mean, can a walking sack of rotting flesh get readers to suspend disbelief? Let’s try something new, something with at least a trace of science in it, not another werewolf story. Is the world going to the dogs, or what? 


  1. Ok, so ya gonna deny Frankenstein too? I made plastic models of all those you dis during my pre-teen years in the basement of my parents house. Remember using dope paint?

    Some political operatives such as Karl Rove could be accused of being a Zombie, FUCK he really needs a brain to be so far off their estimates spending 100's of millions of $ on big losers!

  2. Plah-eze, let's not be dropping any capitalized f-bombs. I'm trying to run a CLEAN blog here.

  3. "so implausible"
    All it takes is radiation from the Higgs particle to convert people into zombies....

  4. Oh, yeah. I forgot about the Higgs particle. My bad.


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